Apr 7, 2021

Why I launched (re)packaged

How many times have we heard the expression “we live in unprecedented times” over the past year? I can see you rolling your eyes as you’re probably saying “way too many!”. You are right. Our world has gone (and still is) through many unwanted changes testing our ability to adapt, defining our lives, and forcing us to rethink how we live, work, and communicate.

Small businesses around our nation, and here in Jamaica Plain, have gone through a period of uncertainty. But with the pandemic persisting, many were forced to close their doors to patrons and employees. However, some of them managed to convert their business online, limiting their losses and keeping them afloat.

One of these businesses is One Light Holistic Healing, a holistic therapy practice in Kingston, New Hampshire, managed by my sister-in-law, Laura Edelman. At the beginning of last year, Laura wanted her business to be more visible, attract new customers, and maintain a loyal customer base. While a Polarity Practitioner and a Reiki Master, she didn’t have time or resources to create a website, build a social media presence, and start with email marketing. With over 20 years of experience in marketing for small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies, I felt the urge to help her business stay afloat. Within a couple of weeks, Laura launched her new website, got a professional email address, took her services online, and established her presence on Facebook as well. More than a year later, she has built a strong following with a steady stream of revenue. Not only did we have fun during the whole process, but I also felt this experience was gratifying for me as I thought that my contribution helped accelerate her dreams. I will always be grateful for her trust.

This personal experience also sparked an inner urge to lend a helping hand to other businesses. There has never been a more critical time for small businesses to invest in digital marketing. At the same time, I see many of them not knowing where to start, how to create a compelling website that attracts customers, how to make sure their customers find them on Google, and how to automate their email campaigns.

I believe that digital marketing is for all and not just for large companies. I launched (re)packaged to provide local and small businesses with the knowledge and tools to grow their business and deliver the fantastic experiences their customers deserve.

Small businesses are the lifeline of our nation and play a significant role in making neighborhoods vibrant.

My name is Mathieu, I am local, and I am here to help. Welcome to (re)packaged!

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