Repackaged - Analyst Relations

Analyst Relations
to enhance your credibility

Capitalize on analyst relations to bolster your company's market standing and credibility and ultimately play a pivotal role in driving your business success.

Repackaged - Analyst Relations

What is an Analyst Relations Program?

An Analyst Relations (AR) program for a SaaS company involves strategically engaging with industry analysts and research firms to build relationships, provide insights about a company's products and services, and gain valuable feedback. Industry analysts, such as those from Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, play a crucial role in shaping market perceptions and influencing buyer decisions in the software industry.

Repackaged will help you get your AR Program set up and running.

How We Help

Repackaged brings specialized knowledge and skills to help B2B SaaS companies such as yours to effectively navigate and leverage analyst relations, enhancing market positioning, credibility, and ultimately contributing to your business success. The work we do for you entails:

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Regular Communication: Keeping analysts updated about the company's products, services, strategies, and market performance.

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Feedback and Insights Gathering: Seeking analysts' perspectives on the company's market positioning, competitive landscape, and customer needs.

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Product Demonstrations: Showcasing new features, updates, or innovations to analysts to keep them informed.

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Participation in Analyst Research: Contributing to and participating in market research reports and surveys conducted by analysts.

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Event Participation: Attending industry events and conferences, either as speakers or attendees, to engage with analysts and the broader market.

Repackaged - Analyst Relations - How We Help
“Working with Mathieu Hannouz on Analyst Relations has been a game-changer.”
I can't help but think how beneficial it would have been to have this level of Product Marketing expertise during our Seed or Series A stages. His insights and guidance would have a significant impact on strategy and execution, driving noticeable growth and success for any SaaS company.

Adrien Menard

Co-Founder & CEO, Botify

Benefits Running Your AR Program
With Repackaged

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Improved Market Understanding

‍Analysts provide valuable insights into markettrends, customer preferences, and competitive dynamics, aiding in strategicdecision-making.

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Enhanced Credibility and Visibility

Positive recognition or ratings from reputed analysts can significantly boost a company's credibility and visibility in the market.

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Informed Product Development

Feedback from analysts can inform product development, ensuring that the product aligns with market needs and expectations.

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Competitive Advantage

Understanding how analysts view the market and competitors can help a SaaS company refine its competitive strategies.

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Influence on Purchasing Decisions

Analyst reports and recommendations are often used by potential customers to make purchasing decisions, so a strong presence in these reports can drive sales.

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Increased Investor Confidence

Positive analyst coverage can also enhance investor confidence and potentially aid in securing funding.

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Better Marketing and Sales Alignment

Insights from analysts can help align marketing and sales strategies with market realities and customer needs.

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Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Recognition by analysts can open doors to new partnerships and business opportunities.

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