Repackaged - Product Marketing Audit

Product Marketing Audit
to identify areas of improvement

Conduct an Audit as a strategic move to pinpoint key areas for enhancement, ensuring superior market positioning and better customer engagement.

Repackaged - Product Marketing Audit

What is a Product Marketing Audit?

A Product Marketing Audit consists of a comprehensive review and analysis of the company's product marketing strategies, tactics, and outcomes. It involves evaluating various aspects of product marketing, including market positioning, messaging, target audience alignment, marketing channels, content effectiveness, competitor analysis, and overall marketing performance.

Repackaged will help you with an assessment of where your Product Marketing currently is and highlight the areas of improvement to benefit the business.

How We Help

Repackaged's audit involves a deep dive into several areas to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. The work we do for you entails (and not limited to):

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Market Analysis: Target Market Identification through understanding who the target customers are, including their needs, pain points, and how the product addresses these. Competitor Analysis through assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from your competitors.

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Product Positioning and Messaging: Clarifying the unique value your product offers to its customers and messaging consistency to ensure that the product’s messaging is consistent across all marketing materials and channels.

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Marketing Channels and Tactics: Reviewing y company’s website, social media, and SEO strategihe effectiveness of blogs, whitepapers, case studies, and methods used to attract and convert leads, such as email marketing, webinars, and online advertising.

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Sales Enablement: Checking the quality and relevance of sales collateral, presentations, and demo scripts as well as ensuring that the marketing and sales teams are aligned in their goals, messages, and understanding of the product.

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Product Roadmap and Future Strategy: Ensuring the product roadmap is aligned with market demands and future trends, as well as identifying areas for innovation and improvement in the product.

Repackaged - Product Marketing Audit - How We Help
“Mathieu identified critical gaps and provided actionable insights that we could implement immediately.”
As a rapidly growing SaaS company, we recognized the need for a product marketing boost to unlock our product’s full market potential. That's when we decided to invest in a Product Marketing Audit with Repackaged. From the very start, Mathieu at Repackaged impressed us with his deep industry knowledge and hands-on approach. The audit was thorough, covering everything from our current positioning and messaging to our go-to-market strategy and competitive landscape. I highly recommend Repackaged to any SaaS company looking to optimize their product marketing efforts and drive tangible results.

Aymeric Déchin

CEO & Co-Founder, FAUME

Benefits Running a Product Marketing Audit With Repackaged

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Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

It helps in pinpointing areas where the marketing strategy excels and where it falls short, allowing for targeted improvements.

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Ensuring Market Alignment

The audit ensures that the product's messaging and positioning are in line with the evolving market needs, preferences, and trends.

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Optimizing Marketing ROI

By evaluating the effectiveness of current marketing efforts, a SaaS company can better allocate resources to high-performing strategies and channels, improving the return on investment.

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Enhancing Competitive Edge

Understanding how the product stacks up against competitors helps in refining strategies to gain a competitive advantage.

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Improving Customer Understanding

The audit provides insights into how well the company understands and addresses its target audience's pain points, leading to more customer-centric marketing.

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Refining Product Messaging

It assists in developing clearer and more compelling product messaging that resonates with the target audience.

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Boosting Sales and Conversions

By aligning marketing strategies more closely with customer needs and market dynamics, the audit can lead to increased sales and conversion rates.

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Identifying New Opportunities

A thorough audit can reveal untapped market segments, new customer needs, or emerging trends that the company can capitalize on.

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Streamlining Marketing Processes

The audit can uncover inefficiencies in marketing processes and suggest ways to streamline them for better productivity.

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Aligning Teams and Goals

It ensures that marketing efforts are aligned with the broader business goals and helps different teams (such as sales, product development, and customer support) work more cohesively towards common objectives.

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