Repackaged - Product/Market Fit

Positioning & Messaging to communicate your unique value

Establish the benefits of your product to a defined business audience that cares about it

Repackaged - Product/Market Fit

What is Positioning & Messaging?

A Positioning and Messaging is a comprehensive approach that combines persona insights, contextual positioning, crisp messaging, and effective communication tactics.

Repackaged helps you ensure that your product stands out in a crowded market, contextually appeals to the right business audience, and supports your company's overall growth objectives.

How We Help

Repackaged's work includes the discovery of your product contextual positioning in the market and the creation of compelling messaging that resonates with its intended audience. Here's what our work typically entails (and not limited to):

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Persona Identification: Understanding your target audiences within their contextual competitive landscape, and assessing what they care most about.

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Product Positioning: Identifying and defining what makes the product unique and valuable to its target audience.

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Messaging Development: Creating key messages that convey the product's value proposition clearly, effectively, and contextually.

Repackaged - Product/Market Fit - How We Help
“Through their work, Repackaged has transformed our Product Marketing at FAUME.”
Working with Repackaged has been a game-changer for our company. As a rapidly growing B2B SaaS company, we knew we needed to refine our product marketing strategy to stay competitive. Mathieu’s expertise in documenting target personas, establishing our positioning, and creating impactful messaging has made our value proposition crystal clear and compelling. I highly recommend their services to any B2B SaaS company looking to take their Product Marketing to the next level.

Aymeric Déchin

CEO & Co-Founder, FAUME

Benefits Running Positioning & Messaging With Repackaged

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Clear Market Differentiation

Establishes a unique identity in the market, distinguishing the product from competitors. This is crucial in a crowded marketplace where features and offerings can be similar.

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Enhanced Customer Understanding

Helps the company understand and articulate what is important to its target audience, leading to products and services more closely aligned with customer needs and preferences.

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Improved Product Relevance

By positioning the product in line with the specific needs and challenges of the target audience, the company ensures that its offering is seen as relevant and valuable.

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Effective Communication

Good messaging enables clear and consistent communication across all channels, ensuring that the product’s value proposition is understood and appreciated by potential customers.

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Increased Customer Engagement

Well-crafted messaging resonates with the target audience, leading to higher engagement, interest, and interaction with the product.

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Stronger Brand Perception

Consistent and strategic positioning and messaging contribute to building a strong, positive brand image, enhancing the company’s reputation in the industry.

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Better Sales Enablement

Sales teams are more effective when they have clear, compelling messages to use in their sales pitches, which can shorten sales cycles and improve conversion rates.

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Greater Competitive Advantage

A well-positioned product with strong messaging can outperform competitors by more effectively capturing the attention and loyalty of the target market.

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Enhanced Customer Loyalty & Retention

When customers clearly understand and value the product’s benefits, they are more likely to remain loyal and less likely to switch to a competitor.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Effective positioning and messaging are often backed by market research and customer data, leading to more informed and strategic decision-making within the company.

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