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Win-Loss Analysis
to unlock strategic insights

Elevate Your Sales Strategy with Data-Driven Insights

Unlock the power of win/loss analysis to sharpen your competitive edge, improve your products, and understand the dynamics of customer decisions.

What is a Win-Loss Analysis?

A Win-Loss Analysis involves conducting detailed interviews with current, lost, and potential customers. The goal is to uncover the real reasons behind their decisions to choose, leave, or avoid your product, providing actionable insights that can enhance product development, marketing strategies, and sales tactics.

Repackaged will guide you in implementing a robust Win/Loss Analysis process, offering a structured approach to learning from your sales engagement.

How We Help

Our expertise enables B2B SaaS businesses to effectively conduct and analyze Win/Loss interviews and analysis, offering:

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Strategic Interview Planning: Crafting tailored questions that get to the heart of customers' decisions.

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Conducting In-depth Interviews: Engaging with customers to gather candid, invaluable feedback.

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Comprehensive Analysis: Diving deep into feedback to uncover trends, insights, and opportunities for improvement.

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Actionable Recommendations: Providing strategic guidance based on analysis to improve your product, marketing, and sales strategies.

Unlock the power of win/loss analysis to sharpen your competitive edge, improve your products, and understand the dynamics of customer decisions.
“Mathieu has a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen, user perspective and executive presence.”
I have worked with Mathieu on positioning work, win/loss analysis, analyst relations and overall advising on product marketing topics. He is capable of taking complex topics, digesting them and turning them into compelling and engaging messaging.

Kristin Naragon

Chief Strategy Office, Akeneo

Benefits Running a Win-Loss Analysis
With Repackaged

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Enhanced Product Strategy

Gaining direct feedback from customers and prospects provides clear direction for product development, ensuring your offerings meet market needs and exceed expectations.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

Understanding the reasons behind wins and losses helps tailor your customer experience, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

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Competitive Insights

Gathering insights on why prospects choose competitors over your solution can pinpoint competitive edges and areas for differentiation.

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Sales Execution Assessment

Helping align sales strategies with overarching goals and optimize its organizational structure for efficiency, directly impacting the effectiveness of sales execution and organizational design.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

Feedback from interviews can align sales and marketing strategies with customer expectations and market demands, optimizing your go-to-market approach.

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Stronger Market Position

By addressing areas for improvement and doubling down on strengths, your SaaS company can enhance its position in the market.

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Informed Decision Making

Customer interviews provide a wealth of data for making informed strategic decisions, from product development to marketing tactics.

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Sales Enablement Program

Enhancing sales training, particularly in objection handling, enabling sales teams to better anticipate and address potential customer concerns, thus improving win rates and overall sales performance.

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